"Do You Want A Dating Website?"
Then You Must Read This First!


Your Own Internet Dating Site Set Up And Live Now!

Including complete set up, hosting, full support, billing, control panel, unlimited additional site creation and member database access!

If you are seriously considering setting up an internet dating site by buying a ready made site or script, take a few minutes, grab a coffee and read this.
It could be the most important few minutes and could seriously impact the future of your online dating business.
OK then have you thought and planned for these 10 things?

1) You will have to initially buy the script/site.
2) You will have to buy hosting space to host the site.
3) You will need to make sure it's configured to work correctly.
4) You will have to set up a payment processor to collect your members payments.
5) You will have to handle any technical issues, outages, bugs, down time etc.
6) You will have to handle fraud chargebacks and abuse.
7) You will have to maintain the site and script with back ups and fixes.
8) You will need to offer customer support 24/7 to your members.
9) You will not have any members initially so why would your visitors pay to join your site when there is no one on it to contact?
10) You will need to do the whole process again if you want a second or third site.

Notice the common theme in all those? "You will, You will, You will".

It's true because once you have bought your site or script then the rest is up to you! "You will" be responsible for absolutely everything.

If you haven't thought about or budgeted for any of those then make no mistake "You will fail". Sounds harsh but if you think about it just on it's own number 9) is enough to kill your business stone dead before it's even started. It doesn't matter how many visitors you can get they won't join if there are no members for them to see.

So has that made you reconsider having a dating site? 

Don't let it because now there is a way you can have your own site without any of the hassle. A way to turn all of those 10 negatives into positives.

Do it but do it right - Do it this way!

Your dating site can still be a success. You can concentrate on promoting your site and making money knowing everything else is being taken care of for you.

So let's take a look at how this works.

We will create and design your site using one of our vast range of quality templates, selected for their appealing design, features and ease of use for your visitors and members. The template and its images will reflect the dating market you are targeting.

We will set up all the pages and features needed for the site to be fully functional and attractive to members. Keeping them coming back to use your site.

We will fill it with features such as chat, video, free email contact and many more.

We will create the site in whichever category and niche you require from a choice of over 30 including Adult dating niches. You can always have "General Dating" as the preferred option.

We will add 13 languages to your site all fully translated. You can choose the main language.

We will set the target countries for you. Want a Country specific site? No problem just tell us which Country. Worldwide is of course an option.

We will set up the billing profile for you. All billing is handled for you including fraud claims.

We will connect your site into the network server for hosting and backup and technical support.

We will plug your site into the member database which currently has over 1 million members. When its plugged in then anyone visiting your site will see that it has many members and they will want to join to contact them. When they upgrade to paid membership then you get paid!

As far as the payments and profit on your site will work. When a free member upgrades to a paid member then the payment is collected through the system and assuming that no charge back or fraud claim is made on the credit card payment then a % will be deducted for service and running costs and the rest will be released to you in your choice of currency and payment method.
The % cost for new sign ups is 35% which means you get 65% of the payment.

Payments are made to you on 1st and the 15th of every month.
Don't worry if you don't make any money at the start, if you have no paying members then there is no bill to pay. No hidden costs or charges.

Once we have set up your initial site then you are free to go in through your control panel and change any setting you wish. You can even change the whole design of the site.

Multiple Site Creation For Free!

If you decide to expand your own network of sites then once we have created your first site you can create additional sites yourself directly from within your control panel. You can even copy the original site layout and design in one click.

We would recommend you to have your own domain name. If you don't yet have one then we would suggest using GoDaddy for the domain registration. We have found them very well priced and easy to configure. If you already have a domain name registered somewhere then that is fine.

No More To Pay Ever!

There are no ongoing charges, no more to pay, no monthly bills, no additional hosting fees.

Nothing To Worry About!

Remember the 10 points above? Now all those are covered for you, meaning that you have nothing at all to worry about. You can concentrate on what is important to you, getting people to your site and making money with the knowledge that you have a whole team watching your back.

Let's Get Started.

All we need from you is the payment and a few details and we can get started creating your site.
Each site takes us around 48 hours to complete from the time we receive the details from you.

Once you have paid for this service we will contact you via email asking some questions with regard to your contact details, niche and domain name.

The total price for us to set everything up for you is normally $59.99 but at the moment we have a special offer of only:


You can pay using the Paypal button below. We are fully verified by Paypal.

Please ask any questions before purchase and make sure you fully understand the service as once we have created your site then there can be no refund.